Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Great Search (All-In-Two's & Hybrids)

As a continuation of my last post, I'm still on the search for which cloth diapers I am going to test out on my newest addition when they arrive this coming fall.  The next type of diaper that I started to research and make selections on are All-In-Two's (AI2) and Hybrids.

GroVia w/Snap in Soaker

An All-In-Two (AI2) is a two part diapering system designed to work together.  An AI2 is usually made with a waterproof outer cover with an absorbent diaper or soaker attached in some way.  Usually the Soaker is snapped in with plastic snaps.  Some AI2's work more like Pocket Diapers though so the ends of the soaker slide into a small pocket to hold it in place.

GroVia w/ BioShield

A Hybrid is any cloth diaper system that comprises a reusable cloth outer (the cover) and a disposable absorbent insert. The inserts are biodegradable, and some brands claim to be flushable.  You need to be careful flushing inserts though, especially with a very old sewage system.  You might end up spending a lot in plumber bills.

The idea behind a lot of the AI2's and Hybrid's is that theoretically you should be able to use the cover more than one time before washing it.  Just change out the insert and you're ready to go.  If the cover is damp then you can lay it aside to air dry and then use it at the next changing.  If it is soiled a little then you can wipe it clean, let it air dry and use it at the next changing.  If heavily soiled or used a few times then you throw it in the laundry to be washed and get a new cover.

I'm not sure why the idea of a snap in doesn't appeal to me.  I guess it just doesn't seem like it would contain the messes well enough and I'd be changing the cover anyways.  I didn't want to fully knock the idea though so I've decided to try some out.  Here are the AI2's / Hybrids that I've decided to try out.

SoftBums Omni Diaper
I LOVE the idea of the SoftBums Omni Diaper.  It can be used in so many different ways.  You can use it like an AI2 and snap in a soaker, you can use it like a pocket diaper, or you can use it like a cover with a prefold, fitted, contoured, or flat diaper.  It's just so versatile.  I also like that it's a one size diaper (fits babies from birth to potty training) yet it doesn't have the unsightly snaps up and down the front that most one size diapers have.  They instead use a drawstring toggle inside to adjust the size.  There aren't too many color options, but that's ok.  This diaper retails for about $21.95 not including inserts ($4 - $9).  Click HERE for more info.

Ragababe 2 Step Diaper
The Ragababe 2 Step Diaper is more of a true AI2.  It has a waterproof shell with a soft inner lining and uses snap in inserts.  These diapers got great reviews and I like the look of the velcro closure with the accent star.  They only come in two colors (black & white), but you do get to pick the contrasting snap color to change things up.  This diaper retails for about $29.95 and includes an insert and a doubler.  Click HERE for more info.

GroVia Diaper System
I'm still on the fence about this one.  This is a true AI2 / Hybrid.  You can use either snap in inserts, or you can lay in one of their BioSoaker's which is a biodegradable pad, that you can just throw away after using.  This diaper comes in great patterns and can be ordered in snap or velcro.  It's also a one size diaper so it will grow with your baby from birth to potty training.  This diaper retails for about $16.95 not including inserts ($10-$18 for 2).  BioSoakers retail for about $8 for 20.  Click HERE for more info.

Although I'm a bit skeptical of the AI2 system, I'm still excited to try them out and maybe prove myself wrong about any preconceptions I have about it.  Next on my list to research are pocket diapers.  So far those are the diapers that I am leaning towards so my next post might be a long one with lots of options that I'm going to try out.  Hope you are enjoying my Adventures In Fluff.


  1. Loving your info, Chana! In fact, I was checking out Diaper Pin yesterday and decided if I end up not liking my gDiapers, I'm going to go with the SoftBums for my next try. To comment on containing the poo vs. needing to change, this is what I've been doing. DD can wear one shell and change out the insert when she pees, no problem. The shell doesn't even get wet. However, if she does poo, that's when I find I need to change the shell as well. BUT, that's me changing the shell only 2 times a day (at most, she's normally a once a day poo-er) ;) compared to changing it every time. That's why it appealed to me. It cuts down on wash. AND, the gDiaper disposables ARE actually flushable. We were skeptical at first as well, but the break down so easily before you even flush it. It's amazing. Still, my goal is to cloth diaper, so that's not as big an issue for me. ~Amy from FF :)

  2. That's good to hear that the shells can normally be used a few times before washing. I'll definitely have to try some out and see how they work. I've just had a hard time getting past these hybrids though. I can't wait for testing time.


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